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Cool Pooch Products, Inc.


Cool Pooch Products, Inc. is happy to share what some of our customers have thought of our products. We would love to hear from you too.

“I LOVE your water bottles! My Siberian and I were inseparable. I carried the cool pooch bottle everywhere we went. He passed away 2 years ago. Thinking I would never get another dog, I threw it out. Yeah, Sure, Right, Well... I couldn't stand not having a dog so I now have 2 more. I tried other bottles but non matched the Cool Pooch. Thought they don't exist anymore. Finally I googled them and found them. I ordered three to make sure I am never with out one. AWESOME! I LOVE THIS THING!”

“Cool Pooch water bottle, greatest new dog product in the world. Every dog owner should have one.” - Steve Dale 'pet expert' for WGN Radio & TV and the Chicago Tribune

“If you plan to bring your pet hiking, walking, or biking with you then the Slobberless Water Bottle is a must.” - (Maine)

The Cool Pooch water bottle is provided as part of your room package (if you have a pet) at The Hotel Monaco (San Francisco).

“Of Course, no Luxury camping trip would be complete without catering to man’s best friend… When he gets thirsty, give him a drink from an R.E.I. patented Cool Pooch Water Bottle, which your pup can carry on his back in his very own saddlebag-style travel pack…”
Chantel Martineu
Montreal Mirror

“But even better sitting in cup holder in the car on a long trip. No more putting a water dish out then throwing the unused water away. My dog gets a drink whenever she wants.

Best water container for hiking and especially for auto trips. Fits perfectly in the cup holder keeping water available whenever pet wants it. I have been using these containers for years. My dog loves them!”
L. Newman
Miami Dade Fire Rescue

“I have one they are GREAT!”
Joyce Stahl Waits